YES breakfast
his highness faggot
afraid ailments and the end of the world of fun first God nobody

at her wonder a welleducated woman and Mr Riordan smelling in him polite proud better
I suppose a hospital nurse staying there like puling nose circular
sugarloaf flowers anything at all
to imagine though same besides the razor attention
woman hides love

it was a pack of lies
do you remember Menton big babbyface married conscious well done boiled wrangle bitch
yesterday he
death in the paper blottingpaper softy get old fool
he does under my nose terrace padding painted by
that one
pretending all his fault Christmas stealing common robbery to find out oysters
suggesting spy Friday notice do
the damn touch dirty he couldnt he came
great back
young May moon

about dining satisfaction and myself make
him turn red frigging question dean jews woollen monuments in your german Emperor imagine now in your talk ordinary going wildly would
paralyses confession harm leg bottom
have done whatever I wouldnt would he see eyes
of course embraced careful
a penance
slapping familiarly I I me or

smelt liqueur richlooking opera that had falling asleep potted meat tired till heavens and said
an end rushing
an act of contrition heard
soul you
have no soul inside have one tremendous
things combing time singing size making all they want halfshut eyes considering

finish it in
they made themselves cutting filling
a smell of children
Jesusjack squad supposed supposing strong
jolly funeral he likes

I came dancing he wanted to ram we had
he said about
he made me cry
I was fuming
he was gone
he knows a lot
I often wanted
we have crowded coolness jealous said
he made me
I could quite easily
I know how
he refused plenty
then then would I wouldnt
she couldnt make he did
he could
I was
I want
I was flour
she used to be
he was there washed up
the women are
they know
they come out
he is like a man
she didnt like
I couldnt stop
I had youre
it meant enough

mouth much face row moment conversation bed maggot murder
everyone wet hat street postcard bore 20 times sex
sleep heart man villain thing word bad white Arsenic Greek
wise chance nature woman once Poldy 2 teas sisters breeches
half an hour fad suede Irish lavatory eyes hope now room

nice nice aquamarine
so much so cold black west
muddy natural 10 stoppress curly my me
O pretty hot low terrible terrible
some very without never tiny evening
my my his thats brazenfaced their
open every before new brown usual
like any after away warm slowly too cold

my doll big fool
hungry to look sunray
ruin never passing
to keep too public jelly father time
wrote words making offended
brains tearing of course of course
that wall too young
a letter sometimes
when Dolphins barn simply embrace answer
the door sloppy kitchen called tossed
he respectful messengerboy sending nerves
tattarrattat 1/4 after properly Id
lame England clean Belfast anniversary

the hotel
new bed cough knocking
do something but anything time
ordering boiling bell waiter
holy pay pigheaded job knife
revenge 1st usual stupid as exceptional
going to look out coming stage
little chits like absentminded map
wouldnt saying that a freemason
old lately intelligent coming there
politics enteric khaki lovely
excitement couldnt made it out between

killing any fever
cavalry across rock their


O horses I kimono mothball city ring
round married plenty somebody
washy handglass scrooching heavy
better tongue quiet blue tie
certainly perfect blazes won
lowest joult mountain dessert
teeth fingers tender as fishslicers
easily hanging mangy compliment
chemises drawers naked as

them silkette days morning whole kidfitting elastic
delightful unsightly flesh flat easy tried spare a few
thin garters cheque skin dont forget it after piss
violet skin burn four without handful brogues like cleaners
cutting up youve more 35 Mrs beautys waist Kitty across
jersey lily prince of Wales way some funny
story about

round her knife
those priest as if any
hate that brought cord
flagellate champagne arms
first because a rich born
planted sooner knocks regular
money house programme man
still promoted he gave truly
I lost simply pity shop lot of trash
about cooking suit me weddingcake
on my backside that misfortune trouble
awfully second soup show

believe first chest sorry sucking laugh take
eggs veins those museum like sticking up
a hatrack a picture the job the clothes only shes
dirty disgusting market head
pretending lot
to show outside some wonders
oranges watery frozen couple
of it afraid kick came
incarnation body
much mark scream reason delicate

suck everything budget
much I had I must let could coming
to those lines knows so nice
loose lips till strength engines
have the half careless
and a few asking overcoats
sleep the heat night giant red sun
shame I sent very enjoyed you
make the least we had

adore be xxxxx
a girl with that matador you at that picnic jump out afraid of toro
ripping break became
dead feel myself when
we were cousins fighting
fun with our needles glass
was disappointed shadow rose but that was shadow afterwards
Lord Hungerford Flanders
whore heavy rolled weltering stuck fattish bugs

couldnt she may
people boats ship seasick six or seven
I cry colour and extremely easy guiiiide
damn booming directions Ulysses
that the son the morning
unfortunate place to lock the gate and
lighting drunken catch
story some blind whisky talking
I suppose not a paper with aheah hanging
the opposite street show
understand shake recognise row tail

up the wrong pair poor dear only get write wrote with
seventy solid sideboard that died so mine things
that longer great wanted place liked silly truth
life and see short fellow after a equal nothing
soon throw first brought hairpin disobliging vain near Atlantic Jack

sailors Santa Maria with
dancing blessing Majestad
along the petticoat hole language
rose clock sweetheart my mouth my knee the son
believed true few girls flowers
count short infant spring tiptop Barbary
said chickens stones in just rock in
casemates call mud
die sky caressed white
transparent pink

first embarazada you might covered with
youd think
done time finish to let rousing dog
below little Buttons
wrong Joe kind whatyoucallit
Lord block or came recognise married character
dreamt in the sight put exploded pigeons
went wanted hadnt wore the altar
riding send sense that would oblige
looking brig or some

my mother nicer Lunita Europa ones
stairs at India back blown up
flats spyglass board coral mountain
a river began under him that
gave going war opal heavy
derelict harbour can train breath
piano sweet Miss This skitting
politics interesting bootmakers coach
down flash passion theyll look
accent mothers eyes

so bit fit with it a too too
Ill on by of in we or us yes
far let of Im fill up so in I
all icy at it be in the out for hes
not all he hot up end
of play you for

licking anything listening place blancmange plum bones getting sick
scrag picnic Fleming examining toenails sandwiches blazes holiday
day again telling gold crookeding swamping slipping mercy danger give him
till beauty spying slip between book Kock going with annoying provoking bream
silver earrings climb being a bit of confusion

first floor ruin father honeymoon
gondolas paper sooner carry
putty beggar shutting criminal money
a face I bolted but nine tails
murder night kitchen mouse
frightened still
with Milly photographs instead me getting
of everything unless chair nerves
glasscase broke carelessness potatoes
I noticed lately sly as a matter coat
shelf shes whistling pick what

smoking their cigarettes biting
in 2 halves see
cock her legs up
Only Way in the Theatre
touching touching Gaiety Tree Trilby trying
stylishdressed moment remember attendance glands
feel till nonsense sealingwax so
dinner and supper
real love I suppose
the majority a particle that usually felt lost
my things too only enough red a pity
fishwoman stone trap solicitor

cracks and contradicting in over nobody faith that having I coming old into cant behind window night especially with
one whatever railings in anybody head been ironmould something shes worse under hunt on suppose wait course am
body wrong simply were husband Drimmies of talking about Spinoza

ago sit Scarli adulteress
lane the cat blood pregnant
I just damn it virgin 40 blackberry juice
sweets cooking jingling quilt easy look
suckin anything holy horror purposely
so busy kissing whistling bubbles pair
smoothest peach on jersey lily insides
like Monday white thing
made vagina carpets green right
the last man smelling an offensive odour

gold face easily pass by the myself
and pull somethingn worms asking
omissions sideways else sat down lying strap
clever crazy glorious nonsensical book
5 times am quite excited first we met
somewhere mother smile fool song classy
sang naturally square pretending with
better alnight kneels habits sleeping kick
he took all yellow religion imitating

too anyway doesnt still
this nuisance God
tonight scratched used piano
as bad street whistling sticks
worse place who something prison
lottery coming account along
consolation indeed bells oclock
area tomorrow I suppose deceitful
lies in bed life
disgusting pictures thing toast
buttered street thing any
wanting all wrong forgets

again I wonder Josie woman Denis husband
with Milly bonnet duty of course
yes in reversed drunken falling and
Fanny sing green dress rainy killing
keeping sick though lot clutches
back piece family way in some
pub improve youre goodlooking
the night and them botty on the stage
trotting turning sweetly
I sang delicious glorious sweetheart

sweet wildwood sang
time widower sort
Italian drapery fashion
saw his father 11 cry
deathwatch insisted fellow
curly remember cards
dark stranger 10 of spades
journey diamonds
I dream I hope red laughed poetry
Byron is then 20 sort taking Trinity
a professor write their sighs shining
point expressive lattice eyes

yourself Keyess business
bathingplace naked with
consolation for
cock my mouth white went
years gives them wishcard comes
think he thinks half papers famous though
slapping ignoramus proper place barefaced
a butcher Caesar joke lion Lion
the amount round hard touch

hairy because
Marys hairy
handle fast tastes damn fear stupid quarrelling
naturally mad wife
wife all those desires shrivelled
never knowing bottom expression
lard before dirty
still young in love
Lord quays sailor gate
had mine name that ride fine
lane fish
his minute prostitute again O move sleep he came

have prison
be slooching rolled up
myself and they governed slaughtering
gambling horses stop mother all a mother wild
night case satisfied it wasnt in the middle woolly
crying never going felt meeting alive lovely dances
either knife of easy sofa chamber like devils rosary a name
ramp gap dont feel tongue round esta usted muy bien gracias

grammar pity two Spanish pity sleep do luck nice look looks something funny
notion huevos not empty studies making sure house to sell peachblossom
ago more over carrots coming morning night way she gave cream pieta dressing
eyeful micky fucked iron believe make adulteress as

gallery tears have did
face stick tell dont want other
myself besides drawers O
answers back smutty shit
quite gay bloody pest plum better
whether wipe ceiling quarter China
ringing odd priest next doze
nicer lamp beside flowers
him someway and cigarettes
shall I rose or those cherries
nice plant love roses

rushing of oats

see lakes violets fingers
create atheists howling conscience
before that they rising among tweed
seedcake leapyear lost body because
felt pleasure I wouldnt sky captain
dishes the pier girls tall combs Greeks
and donkeys shade wheels asking
little lattice castanets lamp crimson
the glorious pink jessamine where
a red yes kissed me

my mountain
my breasts
his heart

Riduzione dell’ultimo capitolo ("Penelope" Il letto) dell’Ulisse di James Joyce,


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